An NFT Project that saves lives

1 Introduction

Welcome to the 22% NFT Whitepaper. We are glad to see that you are investing your time to learn more about the project and explore its potential. With this official statement, we would like to walk you through the decision process that brought to the creation of 22%, showing the vision behind it and highlighting the roadmap the Team has planned for the future of our NFTs. We wish you enjoy reading through all the explanatory sections of our project, and hope you will get some insights about our short- and long-term objectives Our deep desire, is that you worm out the added value that this project can bring to its holders and even more to the society.

1.1 The Blockchain Context

Providing security for investment in digital art was made possible by the development of technologies such as the Ethereum Blockchain. Publishing a digital collectibles collection on the Blockchain can therefore demonstrate authenticity, proof the ownership and verify the scarcity of the NFTs.

So far, most of the NFT projects have been minted on a single Blockchain, the most famous being the Ethereum one. As we tend to think out of the box, we wish to launch the collection on two different chains, namely on the aforementioned Ethereum and on Solana. This, in our opinion, presents a substantial advantage. A collection on multiple chains aims to reach a wider number of users. More collectors and donors will therefore be involved by having the possibility to invest in our project depending on their preferred ecosystem.

2 The Vision

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. - Steve Jobs

Yes, this man was right. Having a clear vision is a driving force to bring excitement to your journey and pave the way to success. We believe in our project and in all the people involved in it. That is one of our strengths, that keeps the Team motivated and gives us the energy to make the difference out there.

In the next subsections, we will present you our vision for the future of the project, trying to engage your hearth and your investor soul.

2.1 Create Awareness

We are living in the 21st century, and have just experienced a pandemic that dramatically changed the life of billions of humans. While a good majority of the society is struggling with it, some tend to forget that a large part of the population is fighting daily against diseases of different severity, both from a physical and psychological point of view.

Let’s look at some examples. Do you know how many women have breast cancer? And how many people are smoke addicted? We do! But most importantly, we do want to share this knowledge to a global audience. Our main goal is in fact to create awareness about the heterogeneity of the population and some of the most representative pathologies it is facing in the modern society. Because in the real world, as well as in the Metaverse, there will always be a downside related to the people’s health.

By highlighting this aspect in the crypto space, we are pushing for an NFT collection that virtually represents and mirrors the reality. In a time when the Metaverse is expanding and everything is getting virtual, let’s avoid loosing the overview on our human society, and try to do good for the right cause.

2.2 The Design Approach

The above mentioned principle is the reason why most of the attributes and traits representing the design of our collectibles will be based on percentages that represent the reality. Let’s illustrate a basic example. 0.08% of the population suffers from Diabetes of type 2, therefore 8 out of 10, 000 of our NFTs will present a disease bubble on the bottom right corner of the image, representing the before mentioned condition. Such a concept is illustrated in Figure 1. By randomizing a set of prescribed traits based on statistics and carefully analyzed by our Team, a set of 10, 000 unique pieces with different rarities was generated. A list of all possible traits and designs will be published in further versions of the Whitepaper, together with the source of percentages of each attribute. You can also find all project-related relevant infos on our Official Website.

Figure 1: Example of a randomized NFT affected by Diabetes of type 2.

2.3 Save Lives

We are aware that we can’t save every life that is in danger, but we know that we can act proactively to try and save some of them, making the difference with the little we have. How exactly? The force lays in the numbers. That’s why we want to create a community that drives others to join the movement and donate through our platform. This projects is not only about collecting little humanoid pieces of digital art. It is about contributing to the well being of people thanks to the impact of the community. Not surprisingly, we will donate 22% of our primary sale and up to 99% of our royalties to carefully selected organizations. This reflects our vision of saving lives by transparently supporting organizations, created by the people, for the people.

2.4 Transparent Charity

Yes, we know we are not reinventing the wheel by devoting to verified organizations. Nonetheless, we believe that transparent charity is a key point for a successful development of our plans. We want to donate to organizations that help people giving them new perspectives in a transparent way, using platforms such as “The Giving Block“ 1 as much as possible and making all our donation transaction IDs public. We will always keep the community up to date about our next actions, involving them into decision process to decide the organization we shall donate to.

[1] The Giving Block

2.5 The Name

You might be wondering, where does 22% come from? To be honest there is no specific reason behind this number, but let’s motivate the choice. Our founder woke up one day with a visionary idea. Of course, dreams are made of thoughts, images, facts, but sometimes they do also consist of plans, charts and numbers. And if you are reading this Whitepaper, you have something in common with us: you like numbers. Now just add some spices from our technology- and science-oriented background: percentages. Statistics represent a great way to characterize the way the community is organized and subdivided. As a consequence, they are well suited to generate awareness about rare traits that compose the society.

Well, 22 ends up being a nice number indeed. First of all, it represents the year of launch of the project. But more importantly, we decided that 22% will be also the percentage of donation in the primary sale and 10.22% will be the royalties on the second market. The ultimate goal is to increase the amount of royalties we devolve as a contribution of 2.5% each quarter. This would enable us to donate 99% of all project incomes to verified charity funds by 2030.

3 Roadmap

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of projects launching in the NFT space in a really short period of time. Rushing for a milestone is never a good idea when the work is lacking in consistency in the used strategy and in some valid background. As a consequence, most of the projects out there are doomed to fail in the medium to long timescale. Our goal is to create a solid project that will gain value and add value to many people in need in the long term. To this end, and thanks to our Team, we are trying to set up strong fundamentals that will endure the passing of time. We are working on the project since September 2021 and we are effectively the first NFT collection that dropped in 2022.

3.1 The Drop

To be effectively the first collection going live in 2022, the presale of the Ethereum collection was launched on Friday, 31th of December 2021, 10 : 00 UTC. The adopted launching strategy follows the reasoning that the first portion of the eastern world will already be in the new year. The actual drop on both the Ethereum and Solana collection will launch on the 3rd of April 2022, 17 : 00 UTC. This is representing the first multi-chain collection of the year.

4 The Benefits

We have planned several ways to interact with the community and thank our people with benefits and further developments of the project.

  • Members of the 22% community will be able to directly influence the charity process by voting among carefully selected associations;
  • Holders of 2 NFTs (female and male) will be able to breed and obtain a kid;
  • Holders of 2 NFTs of the same gender, will be able to adopt a kid for an amount that will be completely devolved to children’s homes;
  • After the reach of multiple sales milestones, a considerable amount of collectibles will be airdropped to random holders;
  • Some of the early holders will receive a print of their NFT;
  • Members will have primary access to future developments, such as 3D models of their own assets in the Metaverse and the pre-sale of the project’s coin $22PC;
  • Holders will be able to drive financial decisions regarding the digital art investment found of the 22% Team. Please refer to the next Chapter for a better understanding of the 22% investment found;
  • Following the launch on the Solana Blockchain, we will airdrop 2 access tickets for the Digital Health Congress of 2022;
  • To all of you. Listen to Sophocles’ quote from more than 2000 years ago: To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.Although you might be interested in money returns, keep in mind that donating to the right cause will give you back much more than that.

4.1 The 22% Investment Fund

The 22% Investment Fund is meant to be a portion of the 22% project incomes that gets reinvested into different types of digital art. 10.22% of the primary sales on both Solana and Ethereum will be used to buy into blue chips and promising NFT projects. Gains made with the Fund after the sale of the acquired NFTs will be redistributed in the following way:

  • 50% will be given back to the holders;
  • 33% will be donated to the selected organizations;
  • 10% will be further reinvested;
  • 7% will redistributed between the team members.

5 Conclusion

22% is an NFT project founded to make the difference and save lives. Thanks to our clear vision, and counting on a competent Team, we aim to stay out there in the future and play the long game. Creating awareness about the diversity of the society is our calling. Donating to those who are differently-abled is our mission. In the journey of life, we are all together on the same ship. Let’s try to do good by looking after each other!


This Whitepaper does not represent by any means any sort of advice regarding the purchase of 22% NTFs, and should therefore not be intended as such. By investing in our product, you face your own decision. You must therefore conduct your own due diligence to ensure you comply with all local cryptocurrency-related laws and other regulations in your jurisdiction. To this end, we encourage you to independently consult professional advisors.

To differentiate our NFTs, we based on several public sources that publish statistical analysis of the worlds population. After carefully studying different strategies for the diversification of our avatars, we came to the conclusion that gathering data from all over the world would have been practically very difficult. Therefore, for those traits for which we faced non-reliable or missing statistics, we decided to go for a statistical sample that represents to a higher extend the western society. However, we can not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the data, since those are very time- and region-related.